Samstag, 9. März 2019

INKuisition symphony

Today, we celebrate the end of the winter in Austria traditionally with burning a witch puppet. BUT its NOT a continuation of inquisition tradition, but roots in old germanic tradition.

But its a good start to imagine what it would be like if non-human animals did inquisition with humans in a parallel medieval universe (attention: explicite and violent language):

The animals met to celebrate the execution of Sir Kaboom, a hunter and worshipper of war gods. The sir was bind to a stake, alongside with his guns.
Major swine read the scroll:
"May human Sir Kaboom sins burn with the same pain which the animals felt he so gruesomely tormented. May his body suffocate with the same intension with which he suffocated the law. The law that forbids the hurting and killing of innocent lives, may it be human or non-human. Any last words, Sir?"

Nothing but swearing and sobbing from the mouth of Sir Kaboom was heard towards the already darkened market place.

"Well, thus we shall begin. Now, executioner Doberman. Lit the bonfire!"

And with a huge flame from the stake and explosion from his guns, the hunter filled the market place with the stench of his smoked flesh.

Thanks for reading, nightie-night!
Daisy <(^-^)<

Mittwoch, 30. Januar 2019

Insomnia - song from me :)

Sitting in this void of darkness
brain buzzing tone of forgotten screams
I twist and turn and cover my snout
my tiredness disappears without a trace

Insomnia, insomnia
you're giving me the shots tonight
Insomnia, insomnia
your power keeps me alive in my fright.

Standing up in a spiral of confusion
doing weakened steps to the fence
the farmer tells me to lie back down
I don't know if I can sleep in this trance.

Insomnia, insomnia
you're giving me the shots tonight
Insomnia, insomnia
your power keeps me alive in my fright.

Sonntag, 28. Oktober 2018

What if...

...there was a vegan model casting show?

 Just imagine... the prettiest and fittest vegan people on the catwalk! It would be a much more interesting and open-minded event. No required body proportion, instead of gossip and intruiges there would be discussions about animal rights.
 No homophobia, racism, ableism or speciesism. No teenagers that are forced to go naked...
Also, suistainable vegan clothing brands and designers would have the opportunity to show their creations. 

Candidates who are invoved in animal rights activism would get bonus points for the next round. It wouldn`t be abot the leg, belly or breast, but about the brain size.
It would be a great way to get people talking about veganism and considering going vegan. Imagine, instead talking about how model x insulted model y, people would talk about the tasty vegan dishes the models cooked or ate together. Or about cool new animal rights projects they are up to: marches, songs, opening a pub or hotel, taking a shoot for vegan and animal-testing-free makeup,... 

These are my thoughts, let me know what you think and leave a comment!

With raised paw, Daisy <(*-*)>